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meh [23 Dec 2003|10:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

so yeah i havnt updated in a while. basically my nana died so ive been pretty down, the funeral was today, was so hard, i feel like total crap just now. Im on msn atm, like nae1 is on, quite annoying. o well such is life. was just gettin a smoke 2nite... mmm... then headed to mcdades for a munch and a bit of a tv session. o well, im rather pissed off a certain ppl atm for havin rather big mouths (not saying any names, but some of u will no what im on about)

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Heyyyyy [16 Dec 2003|04:49pm]
[ mood | excited ]

well hello there chaps. lordy heard im not bored or nethin... today was rather fun, 6th year kissograms were quite a laugh. me and sarah got one from gavin !!! lol! and then cara(2nd choice may i add)!!! hehehe. p1's sooo aint as cute as i thought they wld be! such wee rats! "ur not a real elf" thats what they think...prob not goin to be do anythin exciting 2nite:( gr8 life i seem to have eh ? ;) ach well
see u all later bye bye love ya all Kirst. xxxxx


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heard im not bored!! [15 Dec 2003|09:13pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hello boys, je suis tres bored!! well 2day i eh... had my tutor b4 that went to town and got ym after dance outfit!!! sexxxy!! tis sooo nice! u'll all need to wait and see it !!! gonna b a classy!!! arrrgg im soo excited bout the dance!!! its gnna be soo gr8!!! yay! aww i get to help with the p 1's dance 2moz!!!! cutetron!!!!! have to dress up like an elf tho yussssssssssssssssss,... lucky me

bye bye babez'z hehe KirsT xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox catch ya all later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Cara is tha man [14 Dec 2003|07:34pm]
ide just like 2 thank cara for this bad boy journal :):) luv ya babezzz xxxx heard ur not gay.... heard im not bored..ehhhhhh yay ! skool 2moz looking forward to it... so yeah me and cara wernt at all steaming lastnight- i think we mayhave asked ppl for a toe suckin threesome... o well, im sure they wld have been up for it !!! voddy redbull 2k3 y'all home dawgs!!! goddddddddddddd maths nab 2moz! soooo unimpressed about this!!!! mrs wallace is such a shag ehhh ... newayz i cant really think about what else to write. bye bye ppl. love u lots kirsty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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helllllllllllllooooo boyz [14 Dec 2003|07:09pm]
[ mood | hot ]

yay i have an LJ!!! so what did i do 2day ??? hmmm i worked... :(
and had a quicky with my boss ehh who said that!!! so neway.. just dyed my hair, quite attractive!!! bleeding dark brown, ach. talkin to that sexy bitch cara on the phone atm!!! ggrrr, she is such a tiger.. i left my undies at her house!!! oops....

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